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Nicolas Granger is designer from Saint-Etienne (France) and graduated from DSAA master of product design in LAAB of Rennes (France).  Now he lives and works in Besançon, where he operates his design studio and his workshop. His diverse portfolio includes chairs, lights, art objects, pedagogical workshops and installations.

He dedicates half of his time  in studio to collaborating with various furniture and objects editors where he can incorporate his singular vision and approach of design. The other half in workshop is spent on making unique piecesand furnitures, with an obvious minimalist yet delicate approach. He looking to increase the possibilities of an object by use, experience, or the shape of it. The goal of an object that is not just for me its simple function.

Another point of my work is to bring together different artistic fields, as my collaboration with the cabinetmaker designer Loïc Bard about the links between design and crafts.


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